Meet Cruize.

Cruize is an active, adventurous little girl, but poverty in her hometown in rural Tennessee might put her hopes for the future out of reach. Her mom is raising Cruize all by herself and works double shifts as a waitress to make ends meet. Cruize has had a hard time paying attention in class, but interesting books help keep her motivated and on track in school.
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Meet Abraham.

Abraham lives in a rented trailer with his mom and older brother in one of America's poorest communities. Abraham's mom lost her leg in a terrible car accident when he was just a little baby. The family still faces hardships and Abraham does what he can at home. He has struggled in school and needs support to overcome his young life's many challenges.
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More than 20% of U.S. Children Live in Poverty

It can mean no access to simple, but critical, things like books, pre-school, healthy foods, and places to play and exercise — things that help children thrive and grow in mind and body. It can mean being unable to see a future outside of poverty.

  • Four-year-olds from families affected by poverty are 18 months behind other 4-year-olds developmentally.
  • In 60 percent of low-income households, there are no books at all in the home.
  • In rural communities, 52 percent of children living in poverty are overweight or obese.

From the foothills of Kentucky to the breadbasket of California, Save the Children’s sponsorship program gives children living in poverty a better chance at a brighter future.

Your sponsorship helps provide children with the necessities for a healthy and successful start to their life – nutrition, early childhood and adolescent development, education and school health.

Your generosity also lifts entire communities. Our programs reach children’s parents, caregivers and community members. Together we help save children’s lives, protect them from exploitation and provide them with hope for the future. LEARN MORE

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Preschool for All is an important first step in ensuring that all children in the United States have access to high-quality early childhood education programs. Join us in supporting all America’s children, by telling your Senator today to prioritize Preschool for All.

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Sponsor Graduate Tracie Necole Hayes
I grew up in rural Kentucky where poverty was prevalent. Thankfully I had positive influences, including caring sponsors who helped inspire me to success and my Bachelor of Art Education at the University of Kentucky. Save the Children helped provide the encouragement I needed to pursue a successful future.
—Tracie Necole Hayes,
Sponsor Graduate
Child Sponsor Wendi Cameron
I was so excited when I received my sponsor packet from Save the Children because it included a picture of Willow… a smiling, beautiful little girl wearing a pink t-shirt. My heart melted. Words cannot describe how incredible it feels to be Willow’s sponsor and to know that I am helping her and her community, but most of all, I love being part of her world.
—Wendi Cameron,
Child Sponsor

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